From her practice in South Birmingham, near to Solihull, HELEN LESSER has over 30 years experience of using hypnosis, providing Curative Hypnotherapy, to help people fulfil their potential and achieve the contented, rewarding life they deserve.













One of UK’s longest-established hypnotherapists

Lesserian™ Curative Hypnotherapy –     The most advanced Hypnotherapy treatment available

While many people believe that hypnotherapy is limited to those who wish to STOP SMOKING or seek help for weight problems, depression or stress-related conditions, Curative Hypnotherapy is also effective in relieving or disposing of many ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS such as:

Obsessional or Compulsive – OCD, gambling, self harming, etc

Anxiety – panic attacks, excessive worrying, negative thinking, etc

Self-Image – confidence, self esteem, body dysmorphic disorder, etc

Emotional – insecurity, jealousy/ possessiveness, anger/ temper, etc

For a more comprehensive listing of the types of SYMPTOMS & PROBLEMS which can be helped or more information on how the TREATMENT itself works, please use the links within the text or provided on the top menu.