Curative Hypnotherapy

What is Curative Hypnotherapy?

Many people have heard of hypnotherapy being used to help those who wish to stop smoking or seek help with weight problems, irritable bowel syndrome, depression or stress-related conditions; however, Curative Hypnotherapy is also effective for a wide variety of additional issues.

ANXIETYpanic attacks, blushing, worrying, negative thinking….

OBSESSIONAL OCD, intrusive thoughts, self-harming…..

SELF-IMAGE confidence, self-esteem, body dysmorphic disorder…..

EMOTIONAL insecurity, jealousy/possessiveness, anger, impatience….

BEHAVIOURAL habits, addictions, dependencies….

How is Curative Hypnotherapy different?

Although these days many people are familiar with the benefits of hypnosis, and of the range of problems which can be dealt with by hypnotherapy, few people are aware of the major advances in its applications over recent years.
Most hypnotherapists utilise the state of relaxation (hypnosis) to help a person to come to terms with, or manage a problem; helping them to live easier with their problems or avoid situations which create difficulties for them.

But. . . . . . “Why manage a problem?     Why not just be free of it?”

Traditional hypnotherapy techniques might involve visualisations, affirmations, desensitisation, suggestion or incorporate other therapies such as counselling, CBT or ‘tapping’ (EFT) and while there is, of course, a place for all these kinds of treatments, Lesserian™ Curative Hypnotherapy (LCH) focuses in the opposite direction entirely……

…..eliminating the cause of the issue rather than managing the symptoms.

LCH is the efficient and effective way to live your life,  the way you want to be.

How does it work?

By locating, identifying and, most importantly, then correcting the specific and unique cause(s) of a person’s problem, the symptoms can no longer exist.

Without a cause, there can be no effect!

 The treatment itself is a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable experience, but is also highly effective.

 An issue, condition or problem which might have been causing distress for many years can be helped in as few as 6-8 sessions* .

* average for most problems except for Stop-Smoking treatment, which is generally completed in just one session.


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