Anger, Impatience, Frustration.

Anger, Impatience, Frustration

Mental chatter, re-playing past events?
Frustrated, intolerant, impatient, irritable, short-fused, bad-tempered?
Anger can affect you in many different ways, not always with rage or violence.

Anger is a normal, natural emotion – one that every single one of us has the capability of experiencing.
It is the ‘
when’ and the ‘how much’ that changes an ordinary reaction into a problem.

Effects of Misplaced Anger

Misplaced Anger affects people in different ways – perhaps you find that what might just niggle some people, causes you a large degree of irritation or stress.  Maybe you find yourself getting frustrated too often or too easily, or simply being intolerant or lacking patience.

Such feelings can cause the smallest slight or perceived injustice to constantly be re-run through your thoughts – creating physical tension, sleeplessness or short-temper.

In more severe cases, anger can turn into aggression, blinding rage and perhaps verbal or physical violence – sometimes with little or no provocation.

Advanced Hypnotherapy

With many hypnotic treatments and psychological interventions, a person can be helped to manage the degree of emotion they experience, to control the behaviours that it creates within them or are taught strategies to deal with what triggers it; however with Curative Hypnotherapy (LCH) we take matters far further – to the actual root cause –  in order to eliminate the thoughts, feelings and reactions.

Why struggle to control it? Would you prefer to go through life with calmness and patience instead?

If you are naturally calm, patient and clear-headed, there are no feelings or reactions to manage or control. No coping strategies are required.

Natural, Effortless Results

LCH aims to identify why situations create this effect within you and to correct that reaction, so that you gain a calm perspective, free of the tension, stress, mithering or ‘mental chatter’ and are able to deal with all circumstances, situations and people with more patience, calmness, assertiveness and understanding – naturally, easily and effortlessly.

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