From headaches to colds; from feeling utterly overwhelmed to a loss of sense of humour – Stress affects everyone differently.

Stress is part of everyday life and, to some degree, a necessary part of life – giving us motivation and allowing a sense of satisfaction or reward when the stress-giving situation is completed. Many people have stressful jobs which they enjoy immensely – so stress itself is not a bad thing. Suffering stress, however, is a different matter entirely.

Common Signs of Stress

Have a think about the following Stress Signs and see if they relate to your current life:-

  • Not Funny: Getting irritated or short-tempered with family or friends. Experiencing loss of sense of humour. Rarely feeling amused or entertained by things others seem to enjoy or that you used to appreciate yourself.
  • Low Energy: Difficulty falling asleep. Disturbed sleep during the night. Waking too early. Feeling constantly tired. Finding yourself cat-napping often. Planning day ahead before your feet hit the bedroom floor.
  • Distraction: Easily distracted. Concentration and short-term memory letting you down. Tasks left unfinished before rushing to a different one.
  • Food: Irregular eating, loss of appetite or eating compulsively even when not hungry.
  • Unsettled: Experiencing frequent stomach upsets or feeling nauseous for no obvious reason.
  • Indecision: Decisions seem inappropriately important and difficult. Events seeming beyond your control. Feeling overwhelmed by situations.
  • Excuses: Finding excuses to refuse invitations or social events (it’s too cold out, too far away, no point, too much to do, etc). Lack of interest in life.

We all experience some of the above on occasion, and in themselves are not something to worry about; but if you find that three or more of them are being experienced regularly or frequently by you then you may well be suffering from stress.

Physical Symptoms

It has long been recognised just how much suffering stress can affect our lives – from headaches and migraine to poor immunity against colds or viruses. Long periods of stress or too much stress can cause flare-ups of skin complaints (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis or facial spots). It can create physical tension in any part of the body and, of course, a tendency to worry.

While many types of hypnotherapy can be used to help you to cope better with the symptoms of stress or simply teach you self-hypnosis to provide deep relaxation and relieve those symptoms for a while; if your reactions are more severe or affect you more than a few times a year then Curative Hypnotherapy may be the better option for you. A course of treatment is likely to take less than ten sessions and rather than give you coping strategies or ways of managing the stress, LCH aims to ensure you simply don’t experience the effects in the first place.

Why Do You Suffer?

Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy (LCH) aims to answer the question ‘Why?’ – Why do you react to situations with more difficulty than other people? Why do you suffer in this way? You may know which situations trigger off the symptoms within you, but not know why it occurs.

The only way to stop something from happening again is to change the reason why it happens. By finding and correcting the unique reason why you are suffering, those reactions can be changed so you can be free to enjoy your life, free from the symptoms of stress completely.

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