Symptoms & Problems

Which symptoms or issues can be helped with hypnotherapy?

… If you experience unwanted thoughts or feelings;
… If you behave in a way you don’t wish to, but can’t seem to stop;
… If your emotions are getting in the way of how you wish to be;
… If you try to change but just don’t seem able to…….
– these are the kinds of issues that Curative Hypnotherapy is designed to solve.

Curative Hypnotherapy

It is a common misconception that hypnotherapy is effective only for behavioural problems; Curative Hypnotherapy has much wider applications.

A study of UK Curative Hypnotherapy practices, revealed that a quarter of all those attending for treatment were seeking help for physical problems.

Nowadays, hypnotic treatments are routinely recommended to help with addictions, pain relief, irritable bowel issues (IBS) and immune reactions, as well as many emotional and behavioural difficulties and conditions.

Traditional Hypnotherapy

As LCH aims to correct the Cause, rather than finding different ways to treat the symptom, it can be of benefit to a far greater range of symptoms/conditions than traditional hypnotherapy techniques.


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