What Happens During A Session?

What Happens At a Session

What will your Hypnotherapy session or appointment be like? While of course every person (and therefore every session) will be different; the following provides an overview of what to expect at your first and subsequent treatment sessions when attending for Curative Hypnotherapy (LCH).
[For Stop Smoking treatment, please see relevant page]

At First

If your appointment is to be conducted ONLINE, you will be sent full information on what is required and how to set up your equipment in advance so that you are fully prepared for the session to begin.

Practice Entrance

If your appointment is to be at the practice; when you arrive for your appointment, just ring the bell and the door will be opened for you.

ACCESSIBILITY – There is just one small step over the threshold, the practice is on the ground floor.

FACILITIESThe practice has toilet facilities for your use.

Initial Consultation:

Hypnotherapy Consulting Room

At your first appointment, (whether it be in person at the practice or virtually via video conferencing) we take the time to talk with each other so that we can both find out more information from each other.

I will guide the conversation so that I gain an understanding of how your problem or condition affects you now and what changes you are looking for.  I will also want to know a little of your background and, as we progress through treatment, I will ask for additional information as it becomes necessary.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the treatment  and together we can decide whether and how to proceed.

You then will be invited to find out just how enjoyable hypnosis is, so you will see for yourself how pleasant this relaxation is and how easy it is for you to achieve with the right techniques and guidance.

By the end of this session we will have laid the foundation for your treatment – you will know what to expect from the relaxation, from me as your therapist and from the treatment itself;  I will know where we are starting, what we need to achieve and how you are likely to react during our subsequent sessions together.

Before the session ends, we can agree your next appointment. If you are attending in person, payment for this visit will be taken at this time too.

Treatment Sessions:

As there is no such thing as ‘standard person’, it follows that there is no such thing as ‘standard treatment’; every person and every problem is different. However the overall aim will be to identify and deal with the cause of your symptom(s); understanding the purposes or reasons the problem has served and correcting whatever misinterpretations, wrong information and/or erroneous beliefs have been behind them.

There are many different tools and techniques at our disposal and we will use whichever are easiest and best for you – so that you can simply continue to enjoy the relaxation while I work directly with your subconscious to find out why you have been suffering your condition or problem and deal with whatever is stopping you from being the person you are meant to be.

This process continues over subsequent sessions until I have gained all the facts at the root of your issue and can then help you to correct the effects of them so that they cannot create any future difficulties for you.

Throughout every session, you are encouraged to simply enjoy the relaxation – so that you leave each visit feeling relaxed and refreshed.


If you are taking any medications, remedies or undergoing any other treatment or therapy, it is important that you let me know about it, so that I can ensure there is no conflict between that and your LCH treatment.  You might find it helpful to write these down and refer to these notes during our conversation.

Payment – If attending in person, you can pay by cash, phone app or credit/debit card at the end of each session. If receiving treatment online, payment can be made by either PayPal or bank transfer.

As it is simplest to arrange each appointment at the end of the previous one, you might wish to have your diary handy.  However appointments can be made by phone or email if required and can be rearranged if need be (at least 24 hours notice is required – see cancellation policy).

You will be asked to turn off your mobile phone during the appointment so that you are not disturbed  or distracted and so that we can make full use of the time we spend in session.

There is no physical contact and you will simply be reclining in a comfortable chair (see photo above). If you are receiving treatment online, you will need to be in a similar (reclined, comfortable) position. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me in advance of your appointment to ask.

Appointment Length & Timing

For the initial consultation your appointment will be for  1 hour.

If attending for the Stop-Smoking treatment your appointment will be for 1 hour.

All subsequent appointments are 40 minutes each.

Generally, appointments are one week apart, but a fortnight between sessions is not uncommon and does not hinder treatment or progress in any way if this is your preference.

If there needs to be a longer gap between appointments, do let me know in advance so that I can adapt treatment if required to prevent additional sessions becoming necessary.

Some people ask about having double sessions or attending more often than once a week.  It is rare that this would be recommended – but everyone is different, so there are no ‘rules’ to follow, please mention this to me and I can assess our progress and give you an honest opinion as to whether this would be suitable for you.

Recordings, downloads, etc.

I do not sell any CDs, DVDs, downloads, etc.  Such ‘home use’ items can do nothing more than attempt to treat symptoms which has the potential to increase your suffering and hinder the progress of treatment.

Each person is unique and therefore deserves to be treated as such.

Depending on how well you respond to treatment, I might offer you one of a number of my pre-recorded audio files to listen to between appointments – this would be to ‘oil the wheels’ of treatment, helping you to relax easier and quicker, thus allowing more time for the actual treatment itself and possibly reducing the number of sessions required to complete treatment.

What Next?


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