Fear & Anxiety

Fear and Anxiety

How Curative Hypnotherapy Helps to Regain Calm, Confident, Contented Life

Experiencing anxiety is normal and natural and even necessary.
Suffering from anxiety is not.

In a precarious or dangerous situation, fear is used to keep us alert to dangers, to make us cautious, to keep us safe. However, experiencing that fearfulness in situations that others don’t see as dangerous, situations which you used to handle without fear or concern  – means there must be some reason why.

What are the common Symptoms of Anxiety?

Nervousness. Headaches. Butterflies in the stomach. Palpitations. Neck pain. Sweating. Tension. Tooth-grinding, Sleep difficulties. Short-temper. Alcohol misuse. Frequent need for the toilet. Hot feet at night. Anxiety affects people in different ways and to different degrees.

Some people experience anxiety in specific situations or circumstances.  Other people suffer a constant feeling of unease or hyper-awareness, or are stuck in ‘fight or flight‘ mode. Others may experience what is termed ‘Free-Floating‘ anxiety or GAD (General Anxiety Disorder).  For some, the anxiety will reach a point where panic takes over – with all the additional physical and mental difficulties that brings.

Fear of Fear

For some the constant worrying, anticipation of feeling anxious or fear of panic are as much – or even more of – a problem than the anxiety disorder itself.

In whatever way your anxiety is holding you back and preventing you from living the life you want, LCH treatment may well be the solution you’ve been looking for. LCH treatment uses the relaxation of hypnosis to question your subconscious; to find out exactly what dangers or risks it perceives; to identify WHY you are reacting to situations by experiencing the anxiety.

Physical or Mental Anxiety

Some people experience physical symptoms of anxiousness without any of the mental effects. This can be frustrating as most self-help guides, medical diagnoses and information focuses on the mental symptoms only. This form of anxiety can be disconcerting as while the body is giving all the signs of fear or panic, the head is wondering what on earth is going on!

Whether you experience both physical and mental anxiety or just one part, you do not have to continue to put up with it, manage it or avoid situations or circumstances in order to cope with it. LCH treatment can still be used to identify and correct the cause of these reactions so that they can be eliminated.

Triggers and Causes

Perhaps you already know when the problem started or what triggered it off; but it is necessary to understand – and then correct – WHY that situation caused you to continue suffering, in order to free you of its effects.

Perhaps you have no idea why you react the way you do – but you certainly don’t choose to feel this way! So there must be some reason why you can’t stop the thoughts, feelings and reactions. Identifying and correcting that subconscious reason will ensure you don’t ever react that way again.

Every person is different and no two anxiety disorders are the same; but on average it is likely to take 6 to 8 sessions to free you of this problem, allowing you to lead the calm, confident, contented, comfortable life you deserve.

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