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Some people have left testimonials, reviews and comments on other sites regarding the treatment they have received from me and these are provided below, along with a link to the original post so that it can be verified.

It is understandable that people like to know of others’ experiences  before entrusting their time, hope and money in a treatment they perhaps know little about. If you would like to add comments about your own experience, you can do so via these links.

REMARKABLE THERAPY!  Helen is a modest, unassuming and lovely woman, what she has done for me is nothing short of miraculous , her method is pure magic, its undoubtedly altered my life and my future for good and permanently! I have tried many therapies over the years, none of which have effected any permanent change in my thinking / feeling. I was unable to cope and found average daily challenges overwhelming, I had lost my will power and motivation, battling autoimmune disease and exhaustion. I had no expectation going to Helen but what happened over just a couple of months was crazy, a cascade of changes in all aspects of my life ! I am permanently altered for the better in so many ways.
It is just a knowing, my perception of life is so different. I’ve felt amazing ever since, everything makes sense again. Being able to shift anyone’s subconscious saboteur out of their way is a remarkable thing to do for people. I cannot recommend her enough. This work is invaluable to humans, it is essential!

Bethany (on Yell)

I have struggled with anxiety and insomnia most of my adult life which had become very debilitating. I tried hypnotherapy with Helen as a last resort and the results have been life changing. Whilst medication only treats the symptoms, Helen through hypnotherapy discovers the root cause of the problem and corrects it. I have been able to throw my medication in the bin and have never felt better.

John (on Facebook)

NO MORE TRAMADOL! I waited a while before writing this testimonial to see if the effects of the hypnotherapy were long lasting and indeed they are. Helen has a fantastic manner making me feel super relaxed and receptive to her advice. I have suffered from anxiety for nearly 60 years and thought I would never be free of it. Two years of chronic pain from occipital neuralgia caused by muscular tension and major gastric problems caused by pain medication were the driving force to seek Helen’s help….. I am now off pain meds and seeking to cease SSRI’s this week. I cannot thank Helen enough for steering me through to seeing a better future free from anxiety and harmful (for me) medication. Even in these stressful times I am excited by the future.

WT (email)

Can’t thank Helen enough, I came to her after suffering with depression for over 4 years and wanting done with it. I wish I had gone to her sooner, if only I had know about her before. She made me feel so comfortable and helped me discover what had started my depression journey and helped me realise it no longer had a hold over me. I have now been discharged from her and have already halved my meds knowing that soon I will be completely off my meds. Thank you so much.

Jo (on Facebook)

I simply can’t recommend hypnotherapy with Helen highly enough. The sessions with Helen are relaxing and enjoyable, and the results… well, truly life-changing. I feel so lucky to have found Helen, I don’t know where I would be without her.

Rachel (on Facebook)

I went to see Helen following several traumatic events which had occurred in my life. I was suffering from debilitating anxiety and suffering from frequent panic attack’s and tried numerous conventional methods which were unsuccessful. Helen supported me through my treatment with empathy, humility and enduring patience. Helen informed me of the process every step of the way and answered every question that I had. Helen literally gave me my life back! And provided me with hope, comfort and reassurance during every session that my problems would not last forever. Helen was of course right, she always is. I trust Helen completely and am so grateful that such an amazing therapist exists. This is not the first problem that Helen has resolved for me and going to see her will literally change your life for the better. I cannot thank Helen enough she is truly an amazing human being and very special. If you are suffering from any problems please contact Helen you will not be disappointed!!!

Angel (on Google)

Just a little note to say thank you sooo much. I laughed but I’m not laughing now 10 weeks non-smoker 🙂 . You are officially the best person in the world !!
You saved my life. Thank you so much

WF (email)

I’ve recently been off work with a back related condition and found myself suffering from anxiety and depression. I did not want to take the prescribed medication and turned to Helen for help. I was a bit sceptical and apprehensive as I had never been in a situation such as this so never needed to explore such treatments. I have to say that on my first encounter with Helen she made me feel at ease and completely comfortable, she was so easy to talk to and explain what I was going through and how it was making me feel. I felt so much better after each and every treatment and I went from strength to strength. My back is not completely recovered but it is well on the way to recovery and my anxiety and depression is well and truly under control. I cant thank Helen enough, she is truly amazing and her treatments are life changing. I would thoroughly recommend going to Helen for treatment if you are suffering and you will see for yourself how beneficial and life changing it can be.

Christine (on Yell)

Needle Phobia
I have had an overwhelming needle phobia for as long as I can remember and however much I tried, couldn’t control it. I felt embarrassed by my reaction so gave in to my fear and just refused to have any.
Helen’s calm, friendly and professional manner helped me stop smoking over 10 years ago so I hoped she might be able to help.
I had 6 relaxing sessions then booked a blood test I was due a year ago ! I had the blood test today without worrying about it for days before and felt calm. No overwhelming fear and no fainting.
Can’t thank Helen or recommend her enough.

Julie (on Yell)

I have suffered from anxiety for a long time and tried a variety of treatments over the years with very little success. I went to see Helen, not sure what to expect, doubtful the treatment would help. I was pleasantly surprised after only a few visits with how relaxed I started to feel. I became much more confident and positive about every situation I faced, taking on challenges I was so fearful of. The biggest thing for me was taking the first step to see Helen, I’m so pleased I did as it was the best thing I could’ve done. It’s overwhelming to see the changes in myself and all I have achieved. My anxiety is no longer the shackles restricting from my true self and potential. Thank you Helen for making all this possible.

Nicole (on Yell)

It’s been three months now since the hypnotherapy, and my last cigarette, so I reckon it’s worked.

LG (National Stop Smoking Centres)

A Happy Person
I can’t believe what Helen has done for me, to enjoy life again and not worry about little things that my anxiety turned them into mountains and made me hide away from the world. She was very understanding, friendly and welcoming. I can’t believe I suffered all these years – wish I’d have found Helen Lesser sooner. Thank you so much Helen, I’m back to a happy person people want to be in the company of.

Laura (on Facebook)

Not knowing what to expect, Helen immediately puts you at ease. I’m not sure how it works, but relaxation is the key and coming up to 2 months now as a non smoker.

Richard (on Google)

A huge thank you!
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started Curative Hypnotherapy; I wasn’t even quite sure what I needed to fix. I just knew I wasn’t happy with the path life was taking and felt I had lost myself along the way.
Helen is warm, caring, professional and really ‘down to earth’. I felt completely relaxed the minute I met her. Because Helen is so easy to talk to and has such a calming presence, it was easy to just let the process unfold.
Helen was able to get to the root cause of why I have spent so much of my life doubting my own self worth and modifying my behaviour to make sure I was making everyone else happy just to prove my worth. She was able to correct this thought process in just a few sessions and I have never felt better!
I feel carefree and 100% myself again! I would highly recommend Helen to anyone who feels they need to make some positive changes in their life no matter how big or small they may seem.

Pam (on Yell)

I wasn’t a heavy smoker, which I learned was the reason I hadn’t tried hard enough to stop. The hypnosis was the answer.

MS (National Stop Smoking Centres)

Back to my old self again!
I was suffering from stress and anxiety, I went to see Helen with an open mind. not knowing if Helen would be able to help me. I felt at ease straight away this made me feel relaxed. After two visits i was sleeping better and some of the anxiety and stress was slowly disappearing. The anxiety was worrying me after talking to Helen i realized the stress and anxiety had built up over a number of years. After five visits i found i was 95% back to my old self. would not hesitate to return if i felt any stress or anxiety return. Helen i cannot thank enough.

Margaret (on Yell)

Absolutely incredible!!
I feel more in control of my emotions and reactions than I have in a very long time! Takes a bit of practise to get in the zone for this, but once you do, the work that can be done is unbelievable! Am beyond grateful for the help Helen has given me, I have my life back!

Kelly (on Facebook)

Helen is knowledgeable about  Hypnotherapy  runs a  very Professional Hypnotherapy Practice. She is very helpful and  supportive to her clients experiencing personal difficulties. She explains the process of hypnotherapy and puts clients at ease . She  listens and is patient too.  There are C.d’s  you can listen to, between appointments.  Very helpful indeed, I would recommended Helen  if you  feel you need hypnotherapy.

Noel (on iHubbub)

A Thank You
Imagine living most of your life in some kind of physical pain or discomfort, and after years of being prescribed a huge range of drugs, steroid creams and treatments as a child and a young adult, you realise that these seem to make things worse rather than help or eradicate your symptoms……….
Now imagine this: Gifting yourself a course of Curative Hypnotherapy treatments as a 50th birthday present to yourself, and finding that over several months, steadily and effortlessly, your lifelong issues, symptoms, pain and discomfort disappear, one by one, and one day you wake up and realise there is no trace of any pain or discomfort ANYWHERE in your body/mind………
Words cannot fully express my gratitude for what this lady has done for me, but I hope this review will help her realise how the incredible work that she does has made such a huge difference to my life.
MASSIVE thanks to you Helen. I cannot thank you enough.

KMH  (on Yell)

Given me my life back…
Words cannot express my gratitude for what Helen has done for me. I have gone from merely existing; struggling from one day to the next with crippling anxiety, to living life to its fullest. Rather than helping me ‘manage’ my symptoms through coping strategies, (as do so many traditional therapies), she showed me she could get to the root cause and correct this, ultimately helping me to dispose of my problems entirely. The experience has been truly life-changing! Helen’s professional yet friendly, warm and caring manner always set me at ease and I found the treatment gentle, yet highly effective. She has achieved for me what CBT and counselling couldn’t for over twenty years and has given me my life back. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough!

Wendy (on Google)

I have found myself again!
After feeling like I was losing control and myself to my anxiety with nowhere else to turn other than more tablets Helen helped me through! Such a fantastic woman, truly amazing work! I feel like i have regained control of my life and my emotions and finally understand myself! 

KB (on Yell)

Fully helpful
I was an emotional wreck due to anxiety attacks & depression when I went to Helen.
She was incredibly sympathetic & helpful.  Over a period of six weeks I gradually improved to the point where I am a lot lot calmer, happier & confident which people have commented on.
I can fully recommend Helen as a very good source of treatment & would not hesitate to use her again if the situation ever arose.

PaulT (on Yell)

It has changed me a lot from going to Helen , I had no confidence I was really down an depressed had a few different issues but Helen was able to get to the root course of it I am a lot stronger person and a lot more happier and bubbly ,I would recommend Helen’s services to any one.

KD (on Facebook)

Astounding Changes
I’ve had a number of things treated with Helen Lesser over the past few years and I can honestly say that the positive changes each time are astounding. And, as if the results themselves weren’t enough, the process and the treatment itself is also so enjoyable – what could be better?! Since discovering this unique treatment I’ve also gone on to train in it myself and can also say that Helen is just as fantastic (and patient!) a tutor and supervisor as she is therapist.

Emily (on Facebook)


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